What's a party without a cake? Cakes are the centerpiece of most any celebration. No matter what the occasion, the Upper Crust has the perfect cake for you, carefully baked and exquisitely decorated. Choose from a delightful selection, or let us help you design one that's perfect for what you had in mind. We welcome every challenge!

Upper Crust Layer Cakes are prepared with thick layers of cake and flavored filling. Popular flavors include strawberry, lemon, raspberry, chocolate ganache and Bavarian crème. All layer cakes are available in rounds or sheets.


Chocolate Raspberry Ganache:
Devil's food cake with ganache and raspberry filling nestled between each layer, and then iced with ganache icing. The top is covered with white chocolate shavings. Note: our ganache icing is a bittersweet chocolate icing made with just 2 ingredients-bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream that are heated and combined to form a very dark chocolate icing.
Italian Cream Cake:
Vanilla crème cake loaded with pecans and coconut. The cake is iced with cream cheese icing, toasted coconut garnishes the sides of the cake and toasted pecans sprinkled on top.

Strawberry Layer Cake:

Fresh strawberry cake iced with a light whipped topping and topped with white chocolate shavings. The cake layers are a dark mauve/pink and the icing is tinted a pale pink. The icing is swirled all over the cake.
Raspberry-laced Vanilla Cake:
Raspberry filling is nestled between moist vanilla cake layers and a raspberry-laced butter cream icing then adorns the whole cake. We add an interesting lattice pattern to the top of the cake to finish it.

Note: Our layer cakes will not melt, but they are best served cold. All layer cakes are frozen when prepared and we recommend that you keep your cake in a freezer or refrigerator. Sheet cakes larger than 12"x16" may not fit in the average home refrigerator or freezer.